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Upgrade your messaging with our Emojis categorized tool. Find the perfect emoji for your message with our categorized collection.

Big collection of all emojis on one page. The emojis are categories and you can scroll down the entire list and click the emoji to copy it. You can paste the emoji to any social platform, your e-mail or your office document. Tip! If you copy an icon into and e-mail or Word document, you can change the size of the icon like you do with the font. This will make the icon bigger without loosing quality.

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Nice to know about emojis

Did you know that emojis are actually a piece of code? The Grining Face Emoji (๐Ÿ˜€) is made by the Unicode "U+1F600" or the HTML-code "&#128512". This means that your browser did not have to download all 1490 emojis on this page because they were already stored locally on your computer, your operating system or in your social network. When you copy an emoji from this website, and paste it in Facebook Messenger or Google Hangounts, the icon therefore might look differently becuase the different platforms has their own emoji icons. The emojis will also look different on a Microsoft Windows Operating system and a Mac book by Apple. Considering how many emojis are beeing sent every day we are saving the internet a lot of data ๐Ÿ˜…