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Dithering is a process of simulating additional shades of gray by strategically distributing pixels of varying intensities. It helps overcome the limitations of a purely binary representation, creating the illusion of smoother transitions and a wider range of tones.

Dithering algorithms, such as the Floyd-Steinberg or Bayer dithering, analyze the original image pixel by pixel, calculating the error between the desired grayscale value and the available options. This error is then diffused or distributed to neighboring pixels, resulting in a visually pleasing pattern that tricks the eye into perceiving additional shades.

The use of dithering can greatly enhance the quality and realism of black and white images, particularly when working with limited color palettes or when printing on devices with low bit-depths. It adds an artistic touch, reminiscent of old-fashioned newspaper prints or vintage photographs, making the image more visually interesting and captivating to the viewer's eye.