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Convert JSON to XML quickly with our user-friendly tool.

Convert JSON to XML quickly with our user-friendly tool.

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JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight and widely adopted data-interchange format. It offers a simple and readable structure for representing data objects as key-value pairs. JSON's popularity stems from its compatibility with multiple programming languages, making it an ideal choice for data transmission between systems. It supports various data types, including strings, numbers, booleans, arrays, and nested objects. JSON's syntax is intuitive, utilizing braces {} for objects and square brackets [] for arrays. Its simplicity, combined with support for complex data structures, has made JSON a prevalent format in web APIs, configuration files, and data storage applications.

XML (eXtensible Markup Language) is a versatile and human-readable markup language used to structure, store, and transport data. It employs customizable tags to define elements and their relationships within a document. XML's flexibility allows users to create their own tags, tailoring it to specific data needs. It's widely used for configuration files, data exchange between applications, and web services communication. XML's self-descriptive nature eases data interpretation, but its verbosity can make files larger. XML is the foundation for other languages like XHTML, SVG, and RSS. Despite competition from more concise formats, XML remains fundamental for representing structured information across various domains.