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Use this tool to quickly calculate DJB hashes.

Use this tool to quickly calculate DJB hashes.

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DJB hash

The DJB hash, formulated by Professor Daniel J. Bernstein, was initially introduced to the public via the "comp.lang.c" Usenet newsgroup. Regarded as one of the most exceptionally efficient hash functions ever disclosed, it generates a hash output that spans 32 bits in length.

The DJB hash is a high-performance, non-cryptographic hash function renowned for its speed and simplicity. Through a sequence of bitwise operations and modular arithmetic, it efficiently converts input data into fixed-size hash codes. DJB hash's minimalistic design prioritizes speed and exhibits strong avalanche effects, ensuring small input changes yield drastically different outputs. Its implementation simplicity and robust distribution make it popular for various applications like hash tables and checksums. DJB hash exemplifies the elegance of algorithmic design, showcasing a balance between computational efficiency and reliable data manipulation.