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SVG rasterization

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is a widely used XML-based vector image format. It enables the creation of graphics that can be scaled infinitely without loss of quality, making it suitable for icons, logos, and illustrations. SVG files are lightweight, as they comprise of textual code that describes shapes, lines, and curves, rather than fixed pixels. This results in smaller file sizes and faster loading times, essential for web and mobile applications. Moreover, SVGs are easily customizable with CSS and JavaScript, allowing for dynamic animations and interactions. Their cross-browser support further cements SVG as a versatile and essential format in modern design and development.

Rasterization involves converting vector images into raster or pixel-based formats. This process determines how vector shapes, lines, and curves are translated onto a grid of pixels. While it allows for realistic rendering, rasterization can lead to quality loss when resized. Anti-aliasing techniques are used to mitigate jagged edges and enhance visual fidelity.