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AsciiArt are images created using letters, digits and special characters (like $ or #). Since they are just text then can be used everywhere where normal images are not permitted.

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ASCII art is a creative technique that uses ASCII characters to form images or designs. Employed since the early computer era, ASCII art transforms text into visual representations, often seen in old computer terminals, early websites, and digital communication. Artists strategically arrange characters like letters, numbers, and symbols to craft intricate visuals, ranging from simple emoticons to complex scenes. The limited character set and grid-like nature of ASCII lend a distinct aesthetic to the art form.

While modern graphics have overshadowed ASCII art, its charm lies in its simplicity and nostalgia. It remains a unique way to express creativity within constraints, offering a platform for both beginners and experts. Online communities and software tools keep the tradition alive, allowing artists to explore this fascinating blend of art and technology, celebrating the roots of digital visual culture.