Swap RGB channels

Easily swap channels in image.

Use this tool to easily swap channels in image. Convert your RGB image to BGR, GRB, BRG and more.

Easily swap RGB channels

Accepted image formats: JPEG, PNG and GIF. Drag and drop your image to begin.

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Swapping channels

Swapping the Red (R), Green (G), and Blue (B) channels in an image can lead to fascinating visual transformations. This process involves interchanging the color information between the RGB channels, effectively altering the color distribution and creating unique effects. Swapping the channels can produce dramatic shifts in hue, saturation, and contrast, resulting in a completely different interpretation of the original image. It offers a creative way to experiment with color palettes, generate surreal or abstract visuals, and explore artistic possibilities. Whether used for artistic expression or digital manipulation, swapping the R, G, and B channels offers an exciting avenue to transform and reimagine images in captivating and unexpected ways.