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Convert INI to XML quickly with our user-friendly tool.

Convert INI to XML quickly with our user-friendly tool.

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INI (Initialization) is a simple configuration file format commonly used to store settings and preferences for applications. INI files are plain text files that consist of sections, each containing key-value pairs. The structure is straightforward, with sections enclosed in square brackets and keys and values separated by an equal sign or colon. INI files offer a human-readable and editable format, making them user-friendly for non-technical users. However, due to their lack of standardized specifications, parsing and handling INI files often require custom implementations. Despite being surpassed by more advanced formats, INI files still find utility in various applications for storing basic configuration data.

XML (eXtensible Markup Language) is a versatile and human-readable markup language used to structure, store, and transport data. It employs customizable tags to define elements and their relationships within a document. XML's flexibility allows users to create their own tags, tailoring it to specific data needs. It's widely used for configuration files, data exchange between applications, and web services communication. XML's self-descriptive nature eases data interpretation, but its verbosity can make files larger. XML is the foundation for other languages like XHTML, SVG, and RSS. Despite competition from more concise formats, XML remains fundamental for representing structured information across various domains.