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GZip compression is a popular data compression method widely used in various applications to reduce file sizes and optimize data transfer. It is based on the DEFLATE algorithm, combining the LZ77 algorithm for string matching and Huffman coding for symbol encoding. GZip effectively compresses data by replacing repetitive sequences with shorter references, thereby achieving significant file size reduction without losing information.

This compression technique is commonly employed in web servers to compress HTTP responses, resulting in faster page loading times and reduced bandwidth usage. It is also widely used in file archiving formats like .gz, which helps in creating smaller archives for more efficient storage and faster downloads.

Though GZip offers excellent compression ratios, its drawback lies in its inability to efficiently compress already compressed files (like images or videos), as they contain minimal repetitive patterns. Despite this limitation, GZip remains a crucial tool for data compression, ensuring faster data transmission and optimized storage across various digital platforms.