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How to use the alphabetizer

So, you are looking for a tool that can sort your list of words alphabetically? This tool can help you with exactly that, and some other cool stuff too. Most of this can be done easily in Microsoft Excel or similar programs. But hey, this tool is free and easy to use.

Below you can read more about how the tool works and a short description of what the different buttons do.

Your list is separated by

You can copy and paste your list from your document and directly to the input field. The type of list is set to “New line” for each entry as default, but maybe your list is organized differently. In that case, choose your list type in the section above the input field, to the right. Select your list to be separated by comma, line break, space or even choose your own separator.

Sort [a-z]

This button does exactly what it says it does. It sorts your list from the first letter in the alphabet to the last. When you press this button, maybe you discover that you have duplicates in your list. No wonder, duplicates are easier to find in a list that is sorted alphabetically. Just press the “Remove duplicates” button to remove them.

Sort [z-a]

This button reverts your list. It sorts your list starting with the last letter in the alphabet. And ends the list with the words starting with the first letters in the alphabet.

Shortest first

This magic button sorts your list with the shortest words first. If the words have the same length they will be sorted alphabetically.

Longest first

This button does exactly the opposite of the previous button. It sorts the list starting with the longest words. And ends the list with the shortest words.

Sort by Last Name

Need to sort you list by last name? No problem. Copy your list of names into the input field and push the “Sort by Last Name” button. Your list will be sorted alphabetically by Last Name. The first name and last name can be separated by space or tab space.

Remove duplicates

This button removes any word that are repeated more than once. It cleans the entire list and leaves you with unique entries.


Tired of sorting and being organized? Or maybe you want the persons in the list to be picked randomly? This button randomized your list. Press the button as many times as you want. Each click will randomize your list again and again and again…


Reverse the list of alphabetical order with the reverse button. Sometimes it is just fair that, what normally comes last, comes first.

Add <li> tags

LI-tags are used to make lists in the programming language known as HTML. Instead of making this list manually, which can be quite time consuming depending on the length of the list, we have made easy by the press of a button.

Remove HTML tags

This button strips your text from all HTML tags. You can copy the entire source of a website and remove all disturbing HTML tags. It leaves you with plain text.

Add numbers

Use this button to add a list of increasing numbers in front of your words.

Add Roman numbers

Roman numerals are a numeral system that originated in ancient Rome. The roman symbols are I, V, X L, C D, M where I=1, V=5, X=10, L=50, C=100, D=500 and M=1000. The number of characters in the Roman numerals for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 are made by a combination of the mentioned symbols and a count to then is organized like this I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X.

Remove empty spaces

Did you sort your list and got stuck with some annoying empty spaces you want vanished? Press this button to remove all empty spaces.

Remove empty lines

This button removes annoying empty lines. Use it to clean up your list after you have processed your list with any of the other tools.

Help with words

If you need help with words we recommend